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Window Treatment Trends for 2022 That You Will Love

A new year means new resolutions. So if 2022 is the year you resolved to update your home's windows, then these stylish window treatment trends for 2022 will offer some direction in your search for the perfect window coverings:

Layered Shades

A roller shade with two closely-related layers of fabric and unified stripes of sheer fabrics, combined with tightly woven bands of color, is known as layered shades. The transparent cloth shields your furniture and flooring from the sun's harmful UV radiation, while the vivid, broad stripes of color provide a distinctive style to your room with the look of clean, horizontal lines.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are unique window treatments that are making a big comeback. When you think of Roman shades, you'll most likely imagine the thick, luxurious fabrics found in palaces across the world. These bold, room-defining window coverings were once reserved for royal rooms, and today they provide the perfect backdrop to your modern room designs with their clean lines and crisp, bold colors.

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are one of the most adaptable and inventive window coverings available today. These shades' pleated honeycomb structure delivers both fashion and outstanding energy efficiency. In addition, you can raise or lower the shade for light control and privacy with a pull cord, battery-operated function, or motorized options. Best of all, there are no obvious cord holes visible in this design.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are the ideal choice for reducing glare and managing indoor temperature. These shades, which come in a variety of openness designs, diffuse natural light softly while blocking dangerous UV rays and keeping rooms cooler. Their sleek yet elegant appearance goes with any décor or taste. In addition, solar shades are an eco-friendly window treatment because their dark colors absorb heat while their light textures reflect it.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are long, narrow window coverings sometimes seen flanking windows, but you can also use them for dramatic decorative purposes throughout the home. Their classic look lends itself to any room style, whether modern or traditional. You can choose from various panel sizes, colors, louver sizes, and styles to create the perfect accent for your room.

Sheer Shades

For the ultimate in elegance and luxury, choose sheer shades that are a seamless combination of light control and beauty. They utilize two layers of transparent fabrics to block the sun's damaging rays while also providing soft fabric vanes for effective light management. Sheer shades are for the most discriminating of customers, providing a clean, sharp style with exquisite elegance to your windows. Sheer shades are a fantastic combination of blinds, roller shades, and traditional sheers that will dramatically improve the visual appeal of your home. Also, there are no inside cords that detract from their attractiveness. Among today's upmarket window treatments, sheer shades are the peak of quality, elegance, and fashion.

Final Thoughts on 2022's Top Window Treatment Trends

Your windows are an important element in your home's interior design. When you update them with today's modern window treatments, they play a big part in improving the overall visual appeal of your space. You'll be amazed at the difference the latest window treatment trends can make for your room.

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