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What are the Benefits of Roller Shades?

When deciding on what window treatment for the home, homeowners want options and user-friendly products. Roller shades provide both of those wants, from dozens of fabrics to their simple function. They are an attractive way to furnish your windows in any space such as the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. They provide a minimalistic and modern design that can revisualize your house.

Light Control

For many homeowners, the sunlight on a sunny day can be blinding, never mind the fact the sunlight can fade and damage your hardwood floor. Roller shades help you manage the amount of sunlight you want at any time, and manufacturers produce roller shades with high-performance fabrics that control glare and can even blackout a window.

Ease of Use

Roller shades can be motorized to add ease of operation via remote control. This is a very handy feature that is often offered by the manufacturer. This feature is primarily used in rooms with high windows or on covered, screened-in porches.

Cordless Control

Another feature when considering roller shades for your home is that most manufacturers offer a cordless option for the shades. Instead of having to use a chain or cord that is standard for roller shades, this feature allows the user to adjust the height of the shade to their liking by just grabbing the bottom of the shade and lifting it up. This is a perfect option on doors - giving you complete privacy when needed, but also allowing you to get the shade out of the way when you want it to be totally open.

Easy to Clean

If you’ve ever tried to clean blinds, you must know how quickly they gather dust and pet hair. Each slat is very difficult to clean, and you must work between each slat, avoiding the cords and string. With roller shades you do not have the same problem, the design of the shade makes the product easy to clean and is much less likely to need repairs.

Maintenance Free

Unlike traditional blinds, roller shades are protected by the headrail and require very little to no maintenance. With options in many colors and fabrics, you can easily find a quality roller shade to match your home’s style.

If you're interested in roller shades or any other custom window treatments, we have product samples, material samples, and lots of pictures of our installs. Let us show you the best products available today!

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