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The Top 4 Modern Shades

Today, people want simple and modern window treatments with their preferred design tastes. Roman shades and woven woods are at the top of the list for modern, clean, and lightweight window treatments. These modern shades can be installed in various ways and can easily coordinate with your home’s style.

1. Inside-Mount Roman Shades

Roman shades are a panel of fabric and cloth that is installed at the top inside of your window trim. When roman shades are inside-mount, the shade covers the window itself and shades the glass in the window. Many people choose this install type because it only covers the window and not the trim, giving the window a subtle and clean look, yet showcasing their window trim. Pairing the function of inside-mount with a smooth linen fabric makes for a modern and sleek look. Inside-mount is out of the way and is sometimes paired with curtains or draperies that are installed above the window trim.

2. Outside-Mount Roman Shades

Outside-mount Roman shades have the complete functionality of a normal Roman shade, it is just installed outside and onto the window trim. This is often chosen because of the homeowner’s preference to be able to have total and complete access to the windowpane itself without having to move the shade out of the way. This type of installation gives the room a sleek effect, giving the walls and windows complete fluidity. If you have simple or no trim at all, outside-mount Roman shades can easily cover it up.

3. Inside-Mount Woven Woods

Although woven woods are a completely different material than Roman shades, the installation for inside-mount remains the same. The shade is installed up into the window trim and covers the entire windowpane. Woven woods can oftentimes be translucent depending on the type of material. So, in order to block out light and increase privacy, privacy liners made of fabrics can be used to block out more light. Many thin or brittle woven wood shades are required by the manufacturer to include edge banding. Edge banding protects the edges of the shade and adds a bit more to block out light on the sides and bottom of the window.

4. Outside-Mount Woven Woods

Just like outside-mount Roman shades, woven woods can be installed outside the window trim. Often times the homeowner will have the length of the shade come all the way down to the windowsill and will have a valance on the top of the shade to surround the headrail. Woven woods are very natural and unique, many different textures, patterns, and materials are available by manufacturers. Since outside-mount covers more square footage than inside-mount, it makes the window appear larger. This effect expands the room and gives it an open feel, which is one of the hallmarks of modern homes.

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