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Why Natural Shades Might Just be the Best Choice for Your Home

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

With the huge variety of window treatment options available, choosing what works best for your home can seem impossible. While there IS a lot to consider, let’s see if we can make the decision a bit easier.

If you don’t know much about natural shades or woven wood shades, a little more information might just help you find the window of your dreams! Here are some of the benefits of having natural shades in your windows:


One of the most obvious benefits of natural shades is the sustainability of the materials from which they are made. These shades are made from unique combinations of grass, jute, and bamboo to give your windows a beautiful look that is also earth-friendly. Because these shades are made from renewable sources, you can rest easy knowing your new addition not only looks great but is also doing good - for everyone.


Not only are natural shades made from renewable sources, but they can also help maintain indoor temperatures when the weather outside is extreme. Everyone knows that windows are the biggest heat and cool loss in a home. Natural shades are a good barrier between the interior of your home and the harsh temperatures outside – helping to keep your space comfortable and your heating and cooling bills lower.

Beautiful and Unique

Natural shades have a one-of-a-kind look that makes a great addition to any home. Designers love the look of these natural tones and textures because they can go with just about anything. The diverse pattern and material choices allow homeowners to choose big and bold or refined and casual – and everything in between. With over 75 choices, there’s something for everyone.

Beautiful and Unique

The addition of texture is welcome in any room because it is a tactile experience. We can actually feel the surface. But texture does more than that; it affects how we see the colors as it absorbs and reflects light. Rather than seeing just one color, the texture allows the natural shade to appear to have multiple tones of color. Of course, there are already multiple tones in many of the pattern choices because of their natural coloration. But if adding texture is all about visual interest, no window treatment compares to natural shades.

There are also a lot of great visual options that will help set your natural shades apart. Choose edge banding to give a nice finished look.

inished look

Decorative trim valances and pocket hems on the top or bottom refine the look and give distinction to the shade.

Decorative trim valances and pocket hems on the top or bottom r


Natural shades are customizable in more than just appearance, how they function can be personalized as well. Depending on the size of the window, its operation and function can be uniquely specified. For a room that has too much sunlight, consider adding a liner to block it. Liners are available in different strength options allowing more or less light through. If you have children or pets, consider looking at cordless shades. The cordless option is actually a free upgrade at different times of the year, so make sure you know when those sales are so you can get the best deal.

There is even a lift option for "bottom-up/top-down." This allows you to lower from the top as well as lift from the bottom (like normal), letting you choose privacy AND sunlight at the same time!


Natural shades are one of the most popular choices for designers and homeowners everywhere. The unique details in the markings, knots, and patterns make every piece a work of art and every window a beautiful element of design. These shades will look good no matter if your style is eclectic, traditional, modern, or any other style! Bring the beauty of the outside in with the beautiful addition of natural shades from Guyer Shutter Company.

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