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5 Interior Design Hacks to Transform An Old Bedroom

Smart interior designers have a knack for making any old room brand new with a few well-placed touches. No space is beyond saving, though it might take some ingenuity and the ability to think outside the box. But you don't need to study at Harvard's Graduate School of Design (or even be able to spell it) to improve your bedroom. With these clever tricks, any room will go from drab to fab in no time flat.

1) Let in the Light

You would be amazed at what just a little light can do when it comes to transforming a room. By investing in custom window treatments, you can create a stylish focal point for the room while drawing attention to your beautiful view. Opt for blinds or shades which let you control just how much light enters a room, or go all-in with plantation shutters. You can rely on this versatile window treatment in rooms throughout your home -- including kitchens and bathrooms.

2) Incorporate a Rug

Creating a focal point in a room is a great way to draw attention to your best features. And it doesn't get much better than a beautiful area rug. Whether you choose one with bright colors that will contrast nicely with the rest of your decor or an elegant neutral design, these carpets are stunning and far from fussy. Many designers agree that rugs anchor all the other elements in a space to not compete for attention or appear too busy. This cohesive look brings all the furniture together for an impactful arrangement that holds its own against anything else in the room.

3) Add Sophisticated Storage

Big pieces of furniture can seem overwhelming when placed next to small furnishings in a small room. To make the most out of your space, fill a small room with a large sofa or other hefty pieces of upholstered furniture that will take up all the room's empty corners and then some. Then, use a set of matching storage ottomans to hide smaller items like pillows and blankets inside. This trick works especially well in small living rooms or dens because it keeps clutter hidden from view while creating an inviting focal point for the room.

4) Create a Custom Headboard

If you've ever looked at headboards in home decorating catalogs, chances are you longed for one of your own. Unfortunately, these pieces can be costly and don't always reflect your style. A good alternative is to stick a removable adhesive wallpaper design on the wall behind the bed that complements your existing room decor. You can also attach a sheet of inexpensive plywood painted with chalk paint to the wall and then fashion a cushion to place between it and the existing bed frame for an easy-to-make headboard that's unique to your tastes -- without having to spend a lot of money!

5) Use Your Wall Space Wisely

One way to make any room feel larger is by adding more wall space. By hanging artwork, mirrors, or even shelves at different heights, you can create the feeling of depth and more expansive space. You'll also get more floor space because there isn't furniture crowding up the area near the walls.

Final Word on Transforming an Old Bedroom

The best decorating ideas don't have to be expensive or fancy. With just a little creativity and some inexpensive materials, you can create a whole new look that fits your unique sense of style. So try these interior design hacks on for size and enjoy the compliments!

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