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Top-Notch Wood Plantation Shutters

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

What makes an excellent wood plantation shutter? Although there are a lot of sales gimmicks to try to steer consumers to composite and solid-core vinyl shutters, wood shutters are still the industry standard for top-notch plantation shutters

Lightweight Hardwoods

Great wood shutters begin with great hardwoods. Many companies construct shutters out of lower-quality hardwoods - like Poplar - to save money. These cheaper hardwoods are not only more prone to twist and warp over time high-quality but are quite a bit heavier than lightweight hardwoods. The weight of the wood matters primarily because heavier woods can cause stress to the joints of the panels, eventually causing the panels to sag in the window. As well, heavier louvers can begin to droop and fall out of alignment.

Basswood is a very high quality lightweight hardwood that is rigid, remaining straight over longer spans, and retaining its shape when cut or sanded. Basswood also exhibits a more even grain which allows for even finishing and staining. This premium wood is harvested from renewable sources in North America.

Pieces of basswood plantation shutter components
Basswood Plantation Shutter Profiles

The very best quality shutters are made from engineered, lightweight hardwoods. The engineering part of these woods means, simply, that the inside of the components used has been constructed much like plywood is. Layers of thinner strips of wood are placed -and glued- with the grain running opposing directions, giving greater strength to each piece of the shutter.

If you're in the market for wood plantation shutters, find out about the materials used in the products you are considering.

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