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Simple and Fun Ways to Dress Up a Room

Do you want to breathe life back into an old house, or a well-worn room? It isn’t as hard as it may seem, and you don’t have to sell the house and run out and buy a new one. In today’s market, it’s best to stay where you are if you can. For many families, moving means leaving behind schools, friends, and uplifting entire lives. If you love your home, even though it’s a little run down, here are some easy ways to make it feel bright, cheery, and fun again that won’t break the bank.

Break Up the Boxes

If you have traditional rooms that are boxy and simple, you can break up that feeling of living in a box with some easy-to-install molding. Add crown molding to the tops of walls. You can also add molding to the ceiling in various shapes or area coverage to create depth and beauty and do away with the boxy look.

A simple piece of molding, typically called a chair rail, not because of the shape or style of it, but the height is placed at the spot a chair back might hit against a wall. Chair rails came about to protect walls, but decorative chair rails can be used in any room, even bedrooms to create a stylish wall and break up the box.

Perk Up Old Windows

The windows of a room add light, warmth, and beauty to the overall feel of the area. However, older windows can lack appeal, and sometimes, the view outside isn’t spectacular. So, what can be done to brighten up a dreary view or worn-out windows? Simple, add some snazzy draperies, classy natural shades, or classical 2-inch blinds to them to make them stand out and look great all on their own.

Cushions, Throws, and Blankets

Worn or heavily used furniture in any room of the house can make it feel old and boring. Dress them up by adding colorful throw pillows of various sizes on couches and chairs. For a quick coverup, a throw tossed over the back, or a blanket draped over an arm of a couch or lounge chair can bring back the life of a piece of furniture. A more permanent solution could include reupholstering worn-out furniture, but more of the time, something simple will do just as much for far less cost.

Spice Up Walls

A coat of paint can always do wonders for a boring room. However, if there isn’t the budget for gallons of paint or the time to move furniture, cover everything and paint all the walls of a room, some colorful art will go a long way to making an old room look new again. Your new art doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, some of the best ways to make a home feel warm and loved are to incorporate favorite family pictures in lovely frames on the wall.

See, for just a few hours of work; in fact, in some cases just minutes, you can transform a room and make it feel fresh and beautiful. In no time, your whole house will be a showplace you never want to leave.

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