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Shipping and Installation Process for Custom Plantation Shutters

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Many people who are shopping for custom plantation shutters want to know what the next steps are after they place an order. This is written for them.


Custom plantation shutters are shipped in a few different ways. Shutter panels and frames are individually wrapped with protective foam and then encapsulated inside inflatable pillows and pouches, which protect the parts from damage along the shipping path. For larger jobs (8 or more shutters), panels are then crated together on a pallet and shipped via freight. Smaller jobs are boxed in pairs and then shipped via FedEx or a similar carrier.

When we receive the shipment, we carefully inspect to make sure everything arrived in good order.

While shipping on shutters made in Asia can take 2-6 months because of shipping container inspections and customs delays, we receive our custom plantation shutters one month after ordering. Because they are manufactured in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Mexico, we have a much faster lead-time than most of our competitors.

Preparation for Installation

When we arrive on the job site, all of the frames are unloaded and assembled using Hoffman Keys and 2” screws at each joint to ensure the frames will properly bear the weight of the shutter. Hoffman Keys force the frame corners to line up square and centered, while the screws ensure each joint is rigid.

Preparation for Installation

Every frame and panel is individually labeled for the window or door for which it was made, so organization is a must. On larger jobs where 20-60 shutters are being installed, our team has to keep track of each part to ensure it is put with its matching components. By staying organized and working efficiently, our team can complete almost every install within a few hours.

When the frames are assembled, they, and the panels, are moved to the rooms for installation.

Install Time!

Installation begins by mounting the frame to the window casing or trim. This is done by inserting a couple of 2 ½” screws through the frame and into the trim. Once secure, the panel is attached to the frame.

Plantation shutters typically have butterfly hinges, meaning that the two halves of the hinge fit together in a way that allows them to take up less space. The two parts of the hinge are lined up and the hinge pin is dropped in place.

Install Time!

When the panels are securely attached to the frame, the installers begin the process of squaring out the frame and panel to make sure each panel closes correctly and securely holds against the magnet catches. The gaps between the panel and the frame have to be even and square which can only happen if you hold your mouth just right…

You have to hold your mouth just right because window trim is seemingly never square, but the shutter is, and the installer has to line those two things up! This part of the process takes a little bit of time and a whole lot of expertise. That’s where our years of installations come in handy!

Install Time!

Finishing Touches

A shutter that is installed correctly shouldn’t rub on any side of the frame, but it should rest on the bottom frame to help support the weight of the panel. Lastly, the installers make sure that each magnet holds its panel closed, the louvers move free and easy, and nothing is too tight or loose.

On good shutters, the tension of the louvers is adjustable through a screw in the side of each panel. A ¼ turn in either direction will adjust how easily the louvers move on each panel.

Some installations require caulking where the shutter frame meets the window trim, but this is not typical.

Well-built, expertly installed, custom wood plantation shutters are a beautiful, lifetime product for any home. There are a lot of cheaply built shutters being installed by people who aren’t “detail-oriented.” Don’t be one of their victims! Every picture in this blog is of work we have done for our customers. Read our Google reviews and see what people say about our work. If you made it this far, we think you have definitely earned a “continuing education” discount. Tell us you read it, and we’ll take 10% off your shutter order! swatches

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