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Getting the Color Right on Plantation Shutters

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

One of the distinct advantages of custom plantation shutters is the color selection. Not only are there multiple premixed paint and stain colors, but there is also the option of custom color for an upcharge.


First, what is “hue”? Hue refers to the dominant color family of any given color. Some colors are more red or blue, some are more yellow.

White and Off-White Paints

Our current color pallet has nine premixed whites and off whites. This is important because, although some people believe that the trim in their home is “just plain old white,” truly, white isn’t just white. Even the brightest and purest whites have a hue to them. I've found that usually, the brightest whites have a slight blue hue.

Walk into any paint store and look through the selection of whites; there are dozens, and sometimes as many as 100 different whites from which to choose.

As you can see in this picture, each of our nine whites has a slightly different hue, some are more red or blue, and others are more grey or yellow. These slight differences in hue are more noticeable when the whites are all placed next to each other, like on a paint deck. If you know the exact color name and brand of your trim paint, try looking at it on a paint selector deck at the paint store that made it, and you'll probably discover that the other colors on that strip tell you just what kind of what you have.

White and Off-White Paints

The more shades of white available, the more likely you are to find something to match your trim. This is a good example of “one size does NOT fit all.” If you’re going to invest in custom plantation shutters, make sure that the color is as close as you can get it!

Beige and Grey Paints

With the newer trends of darker windows and darker trim colors, there are four premixed beige and grey paints that look great even on white trim. Of course, if those colors just aren't close enough, the color can be custom-matched.

Beige and Grey Paints


We offer 22 premixed stains, including three grey tones and three very dark brown shades, and lots of orange, red, yellow, green, purple, and blue hues. With this many shades of stain, there is a very good chance we won’t have to custom match the stain to get your shutters just right.


Custom Paint and Stain

Even with all of these color options, there’s one great option that changes everything. Custom matching allows our customers to get exactly what they want. The process begins by sending a sample piece to the plant for matching. We do this by either dipping a piece of wood in the customer’s trim paint, or, if the customer has a piece of painted trim, we can cut that and send the sample off. Within a few days, we usually have a strike off of the factory-matched color painted on a small piece of a louver. The sample is brought to the customer for approval, and once the color is approved, the order is ready to be sent to the factory.

Don’t settle for one to three colors when you can purchase custom plantation shutters. Make sure you get shutters that match your color palette perfectly!

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