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4 Reasons to Have Custom Plantation Shutters Professionally Installed

Homeowners who do it themselves instead of hiring custom shutters installation Nashville services are taking a big risk. While some homeowners come out ahead, many others end up with terrible experiences that wind up having to be corrected by professionals afterward.

Here are a few reasons to hire professional services for measuring, ordering, and installing plantation shutters:


When discussing quality, there are two things to keep in mind: the quality of the installation, and the quality of the product.

Installing blinds can actually be a simple job if you know how to use a measuring tape accurately, and can use a few simple tools. Plantation shutters require a different degree of skill simply because there are so many more variables. Plantation shutter panels are square objects and windows often are not, so professional installers have to know how to fit the rectangular peg in the trapezoid hole - so to speak. Professional installers know where to attach the shutter frame to the window trim and frame so that the weight of the shutter is coupled to a source that can support it, and so the panel won't fall out of the window.

There are many online companies selling plantation shutters, but so much of what is available directly to consumers through websites is the lowest quality imaginable. Trust the experience of a company that installs plantation shutters every day - they know which manufacturers offer the best quality for the right price.


Installing custom window shutters is not a single-person job. When our team shows up to install a house full of plantation shutters, we bring 3-4 installers and it takes 2-4 hours typically. For those who haven't installed a lot of shutters, this would likely translate to several hours or days.

There are lots of things that most homeowners can do on their own, but considering how many YouTube videos you would have to watch, and how much time it would take to learn how to measure, order, and install plantation shutters, it seems that learning this trade is not one of those.


There are many factors to consider when taking on a project like plantation shutters:

Where do you measure and to what will the shutter be attached? Shutters can be installed inside the trim on some windows, but have to be mounted outside the trim on others. How do you know which windows you have and which measurements you should turn in to the store?

What size louvers will look best in your window, and will they fit in the window? Larger louvers require more depth in the window so that when the louvers are opened, they don't hit the window sash or other objects in the window opening.

What is best - wood, composite, PVC, or something else? What is the difference besides the price? Much of the information that is on the internet is based entirely on what companies what to sell you, and most of that is based on which product can produce the most profit. Talk to a shutter expert and then ask tough questions. There ARE answers, and professional shutter people will know them because of their years of experience.


Quality products will be warrantied - typically for a lifetime. But who stands behind that warranty? A few months ago, our company received a call from a customer who had purchased an entire house of shutters from another company 14 years prior. They were having problems with a few of the shutters, and couldn't find anyone to service the warrantied product. Our company fixed the issues, but since it wasn't our installation or product that the customer had purchased, we did not fix the shutters at no cost. We couldn't! It cost us time and utilized our expertise. Our customers never have to worry about what will happen if something happens to their shutters - we are a family-owned and operated business, and we stand behind all of our products.

There are many companies that have spent years honing their skills in measuring and installing window treatments. For companies that ONLY do window treatments, this is our only expertise - we won't try to sell you new doors while we're in your home because that's not what we know about. Warranties are only as good as the product, and installation crew can allow. Don't choose the companies that do everything - choose the company that specializes in plantation shutters.

Get a Free Estimate for Custom Plantation Shutters

At Guyer Shutter Company, we'll help you select the best window treatments for your home. We provide free estimates and free installation. Call us today at (615) 393-6120 to request a free estimate and we'll be happy to recommend window treatments for your home.

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