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How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost in 2022?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Just like with everything else, inflation is pushing the prices of plantation shutters up. Twenty-five years ago, shutters were almost all manufactured in the United States, and there were small shops making them in every state of the Union.

Labor costs and materials were so much lower then, and the small window treatments business I worked for was installing about one to two housefuls of shutters a day. At that time, shutters were selling for about $28/square foot. Now, shutters typically sell from $32-$45/square foot - which really isn't much of an increase compared to so many other products.

Of course, this price is dependent on many things. Shutters are made of many different materials and come with many different options.

Different Materials

Hollow Core Poly

These are the cheapest shutters available and we do not recommend giving them serious consideration. The louvers are hollow like a cheap plastic toy and, with the heat of the summer sun, will sag and collapse in the window just like any cheap plastic product. This product will not have a long lifespan.

Composite and Solid Core Poly

This is a decent mid-range product. They are built to higher specs than the hollow core variety but they are also heavier. While we do have access to these plantation shutters, the price point is not low enough to warrant the quality difference between these and wood shutters.


Some companies sell wood shutters that are made of poplar. Poplar is a cheap hardwood but it is extremely heavy compared to basswood. The highest quality shutters are made from basswood and there is good reason for this. Read more about why basswood shutters are the ultimate shutter. Our basswood plantation shutters come with a lifetime warranty.

Different Options

Hidden Tilt Rods

This option moves the pushrods from the front to the back of the panel, allowing a completely unobscured view through the louvers. The picture to the right shows this feature. Typically, there would be a wood pushrod stapled to the front of each louver.

Louver Size

In our area of the country, shutters are available in just three sizes. You can see by the illustration to the left that when the louvers are completely open, each louver size offers a different view of the outside world. 2 ½” is the smallest and is a very traditional look – while some say it creates too much clutter in the window. 3 ½” is the mid-size, and the vast majority of what we sell – a good compromise between the others. 4 ½” is the largest louver size and keeps the window looking very open – but too contemporary for some.

Divider Rails

This splits the top louvers from the bottom louvers so they function separately. This is an option you should give serious consideration because of the functionality it offers.

Customers choose this option if they want to keep the bottom louvers closed for privacy but open the top louvers to let some light in. I have never had a customer regret choosing this option, but I have had plenty who regretted NOT choosing it. The versatility of having sunlight AND privacy at the same time is an option not offered by any other product or option.

Double Hung

Sometimes this option is confused with divider rails, but in this option, instead of having one panel from top to bottom, there are two. So, the shutter panel is essentially split in half – creating a top panel and a bottom panel in the window. Customers choose this option if they want to keep the bottom panels closed and completely open the top of the window.

Most customers who choose this option can remember the plantation shutters at their grandparent's house and are interested in duplicating the great memories they had there.

Again, this is an option that has a very specific following and is not for everyone. And just as a "full disclosure," some customers DO regret choosing this option.


This option hinges two or more panels together so that they fold together when open. This illustration shows how they look when they are open. The panels are typically narrow enough that they can easily pull to the side of the window when fully open.


This option operates without hinges. The panels are attached to a track system on the top frame of the system. This option is typically under consideration on really wide groups of French doors or sliding doors. If you're looking for a fully functioning shutter for wide windows or doors, this is your answer. You'll love the full functionality of the shutters along with the ability to completely close off the world!


While windows can be any size, single-window openings are usually one of just a few sizes:

36” x 60” (typical upper floor window)

36” x 72” (typical lower floor window)

48” x 48” (typical bathroom window)

24” x 72” (typical French door opening)

Shutters for these windows will vary greatly based on what material the shutters are made of, what options are chosen, and the pricing of the retailer.

Here is a price range that you can expect to pay for each of the windows:

36” x 60” $480 - $675

36” x 72” $576 - $810

48” x 48” $512 - $720

24” x 72” $384 - $540

These prices only apply to typical rectangular-shaped shutters. Special shapes like circles and ovals, sunbursts and arches, and angle tops and options like door handle cutouts cost more because of the level of difficulty in manufacturing and installation.


While plantation shutters aren’t cheap, they can be one of the best investments you can make in your home. They are one of the only upgrades you can make that will affect the interior AND the exterior of your home. The look of plantation shutters is unlike anything else and certainly will affect your home’s value. Our customers regularly comment about how shocked they are at how much it changes the look of their home. As well, our customers almost always bring referrals to us from their own family or friends who also fell in love with the new look of their home.

We are located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, but we service all of South Central Kentucky and Middle Tennessee. If you have never enjoyed the luxury of plantation shutters, contact us or schedule an appointment for measurement and consultation by clicking the link below. We would love to have the opportunity to show you what value plantation shutters can offer you.

Contact us with any questions you have about plantation shutters; we’d be glad to help!

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