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Why Should I Consider Custom Roller Shades for my Home?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

What do you get when you combine convenience and style? You get the Roller Shade!

Roller shades are incredibly popular window coverings across the country – in fact, these shades have been around since before the United States was even formed. Apparently, folks in 17th century Holland really liked to use linen to cover their windows. Rumor has it that the Scotts added the cord mechanisms, and that’s how roller shades were born!

The excellence of the roller shade lies in its ingenious design – thanks to our Scottish friends – one that has carried functionality and adaptability throughout generations.

Because roller shades have a customizable design and protective features, they can be used as stand-alone window coverings as well as an additional barrier placed behind curtains or drapes. Regardless of where you use them, roller shades are the perfect blend of practical and appealing.


One great aspect of roller shades is how simple and clean an addition they make to your home. Compared to bulky curtains or breakable blinds, roller shades have a minimalist design that keeps a room from feeling cluttered and busy.

Roller shades are installed at the very top of the window, allowing for maximal visibility through the glass. When the shade is pulled down, the high-quality material lends to a refined appearance that is tailored to match your style. When the shade is completely open, it disappears into the top of the window, leaving the entire window visible – resulting in a bright, light space.

The sleek design takes the excess fabric and awkward mechanisms out of the equation, offering a compact covering option that keeps things… simple.



Roller shades offer the benefit of personalization through functional and decorative elements.

The lift function of roller shades can be controlled through several different types of mechanisms: a continuous chain or cord that is attached to the wall at about ¾ of the length of the shade. This type of mechanism allows the length of the chain to remain the same. Another lift option is the smart-pull lift that allows a simple tug to lift or lower the shade.


When it comes to the type of lift system your shades use, there are two options you can choose between. There is a cord system featuring a chain loop that is pulled to open and close the shade and there is a cordless spring roller option that is controlled by pulling on the bottom of the shade. Of course, they are also available in cordless, and motorized with remote control.

With over 200 different fabrics and colors to choose from, the shades can be as modest or as eye-catching as desired. If you are looking for something that will add a bright accent to your office, there are a variety of colors and patterns available that will make your window pop. Maybe you’re looking for something that will blend into your dining room rather than stand out as the focal point – a neutral color that matches your home will do just the trick.

The customization doesn’t stop there. Choosing roller shades means you can also choose the type of material they are made from, the style and size of the valence, and even the amount of light that shines through.

Ranging Light Control

Light shining into your home is a beautiful part of the morning, but it shouldn’t be the reason you can’t sleep in. The sunlight coming through your windows should be radiating onto your plants, not burning into your computer screen.

Adjusting the amount of light and where it shines into your home is important and can be difficult to manage. Window coverings such as blinds or curtains are limited in the range of light control options available – roller shades, however, are not.

When you have roller shades professionally installed, you can choose between a range of shades that vary in the amount of light they block.

Ranging Light Control

For a room or window that you do not want any light coming through, there is a blackout shade that will block 99% of outside light. Reversely, if you are looking for a covering that allows natural light, the options range between semi-opaque, semi-sheer, and sheer.

Minimal Upkeep

The amount of cleaning and maintenance roller shades require is exceptionally low compared to other window coverings, the fact of which is credited to its effective design. Curtains and blinds tend to collect a lot of dust and dander due to their constant exposure.

Because the material of the roller shades wind onto the top cylinder when they’re open, the material is not constantly exposed to dust and sunlight like every other kind of window treatment. They need less cleaning, and they see less fading from sunlight.

Roller shades are an optimal addition that benefits homes and homeowners alike. The style of the single, quality shade is timeless and will fit into any room seamlessly -- the professional quality of our products and installation will make the style last. With a combination of luxury and convenience, roller shades are an ideal choice for every home.

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