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Why Should I Consider Custom Plantation Shutters for My Home?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

When you are choosing between the many different window coverings available, plantation shutters are the single best product available. Centuries ago, shutters were invented to be used on the outside of houses for weather protection as well as attractive architectural design. Today, plantation shutters have become popular for being a stylish indoor addition, offering the same practicality and beautiful look since their beginning. If you are considering something new, there are many reasons custom plantation shutters – professionally measured and installed – may be the perfect option for your windows.

Timeless Style

The fact that plantation shutters have been around since the 18th century is a testament to not only the functionality but also the timeless versatility of this gorgeous addition. Whether you are looking for something contemporary or traditional, custom plantation shutters will perfectly complement the décor of your home. They have stood the test of time and without a doubt will continue being the premier option for a show-worthy room.

Timeless Style

Long-lasting Durability

Many window treatments deteriorate over time, breaking, fraying, yellowing, and sagging. Hardwood plantation shutters are built to last as long as well-made furniture and are easy to maintain, which makes the investment worthwhile. When you choose to have shutters installed, you are ensuring a secure fit for any shape window you have -- they are completely custom made for your home, and there’s nothing as reassuring as a professional and personalized fit. Additionally, plantation shutters are significantly easier to clean -- all you need to do is wipe them with a damp cloth or duster once a week, and you are set. Swiffer mitts are great for this!


If you have children or pets, educate yourself on the risks associated with each product. Although the window treatment market has addressed the issues of accidental strangulation, plantation shutters have absolutely zero risks because there are no cords. Shutters are installed into the trim work and framing of the window and pose no threat of falling or being dislodged.

Some online companies have begun to advertise products that can be installed without tools. While this may sound like a great idea for the DIY community, it’s a risk that should not be taken. Every product we install is attached with appropriate length screws that reach into the framing around each window.

Energy Efficiency

No other product offers the sunlight control that custom plantation shutters do. The ability to block the sunlight is useful when it comes to protecting your flooring or furniture from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and the angle of the light can be the difference between watching your favorite TV show or staring at a glare on a screen.

Along with light-blocking, plantation shutters add a layer of weather protection that other window coverings can’t. Heat in the summer or cold in the winter – plantation shutters provide a barrier from it all. There are very few ways to save money on energy bills as simple as installing proper window coverings. Insulating windows can be time-consuming and expensive, and plantation shutters offer the ability to protect against harsh temperatures without having to repeat the process every year.

Energy Efficiency

Unmatched Privacy

Plantation shutters provide an unmatched level of privacy. When you’re at home at night, you can feel comfortable knowing that nobody outside can see in through the closed shutters! While the gap between the slats of a blind and the window trim can be ¼” to ½”, the only gap in a custom plantation shutter is between the louver and the stile, and it is only 1/16”

Additionally, hardwood plantation shutters also have the added benefit of dampening noise when they are shut – offering a bit more isolation from the outside world!

Return on Your Investment

The timeless aspect of plantation shutters does more than just offer good looks, it turns the purchase and installation into an investment. Our custom plantation shutters are custom fitted for your home and installed into the window permanently – which means when you put your house on the market, plantation shutters can be factored into the price of your home. The added value can be a selling point given the curb appeal and functionality. Whether you’re thinking about moving or not, the expert installation and high-quality materials ensure a long future for your purchase.

Return on Your Investment

The Only Two-Way Win

Window treatments are the only “home product” you can purchase that offers an interior upgrade as well as an exterior one. Not only will custom shutters look great inside, but they change the look of the home from the outside as well. Customers are typically shocked at how much of a difference it makes when they walk outside their homes to inspect the job. Neighbors are usually involved in that inspection process as well because everyone can tell when someone is adding to the value of their home!

We want you to know that at Guyer Shutter Company, your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are considering custom plantation shutters for your home, rely on us to help you make informed decisions about the available options, so that you get exactly what you want! Check out our google reviews to see what our customers have to say! All of these pictures are from our installs in our customer's homes.

If you're in the South Central Kentucky or Nashville, Tennessee areas, give us a call!

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