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Why Roman Shades are a Great Choice for Your Home

Roman shades are a unique blend of classic drapery and modern blinds. The body of these types of shades is made from fabric, much like hanging draperies. They can be created in a variety of styles from heavy fabric to sheer, and airy materials to enhance the room. The difference is in the method of opening and closing the Roman shades vs. classic hanging draperies. With Roman shades, you get the ease and feel of an easy sliding blind, because the fabric is imbued with a corded system that runs vertically along each side, and in some cases through the center as well, lifting the shades in folds like a blind.

Why Roman Shades are a Great Choice

The elegant Roman shade is a perfect choice for homeowners who want style as well as cost-efficiency. These delightful window treatments are more than just a pretty covering for windowpanes. They are also extremely efficient. Heavier fabrics create an even more energy-saving value, but even the sheerest materials help conserve energy in your home’s weakest area when it comes to heat transfer. In the summer months, the hot, penetrating sun can increase a room’s temperature quickly. That means higher energy bills in your mailbox every month due to excessive air conditioning use.

In the winter, the heater will run more if a home’s windows aren’t covered well to eliminate heat loss through the windows. Winter is an especially difficult time for windows because the heat coming through from the inside, meeting with cold air on the outside also causes heavy condensation that increases wood breakdown and freezing ice crystals on the windows, making it harder for the home’s heating unit to keep up. Along with window treatments like roller and solar shades, Roman shades help block heat transfer, keeping warm air inside. They also help to shield windows from the room’s heat, so they won’t accumulate moisture as much, nor freeze over.

Not Your Grandmother’s Draperies

Roman shades are a modern twist on a timeless classic for sure, but even more, they aren’t simple one-style fits all drape. Just like traditional drapes, Roman shades come in different fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk; however, they also come in several varieties as well. From the elegant fabric folds to cellulose weave, each variety of shades gives it a fresh, vibrant look. Adding linings can hide the pulley strings altogether, and adding valances increases the drapery feel. You can choose from several ways to get a different feel for the shades such as front or back battens. Add your own style by choosing scalloped or pointed edges, pleats, or a simple, elegant flat shade.

The Bottom Line on Beautiful Roman Shades

No matter what style you choose, Roman shades are versatile and easy to use, and energy-efficient. They truly offer something for every style and function. In addition, they are as appealing from the outside of the home as they are from the inside, so your home will never look better while giving you the most value for your investment.

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