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What Your Home's Windows Say to the World

Just as eyes are the windows to the soul in a person, windows are the soul of the home. Showcasing the beautiful views from the inside of the home with curtains, drapes or blinds adds a new dimension to the feel of a room. What is often overlooked is how powerful those same window treatments are in drawing the beauty of the home out to those on the outside as well. Luxurious window treatments add to the warmth and feel of a home, increasing its curb appeal whether you are looking to increase your home’s value for sale, or are simply proud of the property you have and want others to experience the same level of appreciation they have when they arrive.

Determining Which Shades are the Best Window Treatment for Each Room

In some cases, a homeowner may wish to have all their windows have a uniform look and feel. Some others prefer each room have its own unique atmosphere. Either style can be accomplished with the perfect selection of window treatments. Choosing the right type for any room or setting has a lot to do with the overall function of the space, the style and atmosphere desired for the area, and if there is a desire for energy conservation in that room.

Selecting the perfect window treatment typically starts with the function needed from each style. For instance, a bright, airy kitchen isn’t going to lend itself well to a heavy drape, or solid material. Instead, sheer shades can open up the area and let in the maximum amount of light. Small living rooms can also benefit from a light sheer shade, allowing everyone to see outside. In a bedroom, especially if daylight might interfere with sleeping patterns, roller shades might be a better choice.

Shades Have Personality Plus

There is a multitude of ways you can use shades to give your home a unique sense of style that is truly your own. Layering shades on a window. Staggering shades across several windowpanes. Or even hanging the shades from the same level at the top but staggering the bottom length across several windowpanes. There is no end to how a homeowner can develop their own style with the shade style, color, and setting of their choice. Settings have an added advantage as well. Using various means of hanging shades, can let in more light from the top, obscure views from certain levels, or completely cover the window as needed for each unique circumstance.

Conserve with Style Using Full Cover Window Treatments

Since a great deal of a home’s energy is lost directly through the windows, having high-quality, luxurious blinds or shades can be a smart financial move as well. Full-cover blinds and Roman shades do even more than make a home beautiful, they can make it more cost-effective as well by keeping the hot sun out during the day and room temperature consistent during the night.

All the beauty on the inside is never lost on observers outside. Shades, blinds, and draperies are obvious from the street and beautiful window treatments always add value and appeal to your home. So, inside or out, no homeowner can go wrong by investing a relatively small amount of money to gain huge returns in value, appeal, and money-saving efficiency.

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