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Unconventional Ways to Create a Unique Style for Your Home

Don’t get trapped into the same old ideas for room decorating when it’s time to revitalize your home. Giving each space in the house a new twist on what is expected can mean the difference between a simple fresh paint job and a new showpiece at which all your friends will be amazed. Here are a couple of tips that will help you bring style and function together in your home for a beautiful place to relax and entertain.

Wallpaper Isn’t Just for Walls

Did you know that you can use wallpaper to add accents, color, and style to a variety of areas of your home for a spicier, more stylized look? For instance, have you ever walked into the kitchen and thought your appliances were drab, or maybe a little outdated? In many cases, you can use wallpaper to give shabby, older appliances a new look without breaking the bank buying new ones. Chose wisely. You can do this with appliances that do not get hot, such as refrigerators and even microwaves. Using peel and stick types of wallpaper coverings is an easy solution for this, and you can almost guarantee no one else will have a refrigerator, blender, or other appliance that looks just like it. You can also use peel and stick wallpaper to cover nicked or scratched wood on tables and shelving units in other rooms as well. Using bold patterns can even make those pieces the focal points of a room, that will liven up any party or gathering.

Adding to the Look of Your Windows

Don’t forget your room’s windows. The beauty of the outdoors, the natural light, and the ambiance a window provides are easily lost on those within the room when they don’t have the right accents. Choose the type of covering carefully when deciding on how to dress the windows in your rooms. How much light you need or want, the style that fits the room, and your taste best, all come into play in determining the type of window covering you should choose. For instance, Roman shades help shade a bright room when needed, but solar shades will provide deeper protection and conserve energy.

In addition to addressing existing windows, look for creative ways to add to a room without enough window exposure. Creating a window using mirrors with a windowsill frame. For darker rooms without enough natural light, pick an attractive light fixture to add to the room’s usefulness.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

Make your outside entertainment fun and exciting by adding elements that most people wouldn’t expect to see on the patio or porch. Bring out safe indoor furniture outside to create a cozy room to enjoy with your family and friends. It might surprise you to see how many items will work well both indoors and out. Ceramic items, glass, or many types of wicker can work just as well outdoors and in, and help you make a showplace to enjoy while expanding your home’s living and entertaining areas.

If you're looking for new ways, or maybe unconventional ways to show off a new style, contact us. We have sample books for blinds, roller shades, natural shades, outdoor solar shades, plantation shutters, roman shades, and several others. We can help design something unique for you!

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