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How Much Do Natural Woven Shades Cost in 2022?

Natural Woven Shades

One of the most unique types of shades on the market today, Natural Woven Shades are made from natural materials such as grass, jute, and bamboo.

Unlike synthetic products, the materials used to make natural woven shades have lots of variation in texture, color, shape, thickness, and even grain. Other variations are also just a natural part of using organic materials, such as: knots, mineral markings, and nodes, which help create uneven spacing and pattern changes – making each shade completely unique.

Although these shades have been around for many years, the modern versions are much better products than they were decades ago. The installation methods are more secure, the headrails are sturdier, the lifting mechanisms are more reliable, and the options available are seemingly endless.

What Can I Expect to Pay?

So how do Natural Woven Shades stack up against other products when it comes to price? Just like any other product it depends on several factors including materials and options chosen, as well as the more obvious factor: window size.

While windows can be almost any size, single-window openings are usually one of just a few sizes:

36” x 60” (typical upper floor window)

36” x 72” (typical lower floor window)

48” x 48” (typical bathroom window)

24” x 72” (typical French door opening)

Natural Woven Shades for these windows will vary greatly based on fabric selection, what options are chosen, and the pricing of the retailer.

Here is a price range that you can expect to pay for each of the windows:

36” x 60” $260 - $676

36” x 72” $290 - $726

48” x 48” $263 - $696

24” x 72” $227 - $612

The lowest prices represent very basic fabric with no upgrade options. The upper-end price represents the most expensive fabrics with paid upgrades. One option that has not been included is motorization, but motorization typically adds about $200/single window opening for a lithium-ion battery-powered motor. This includes a small two-button remote control that can control multiple shades at once.

Bottom Line on Natural Woven Shades

Natural Shades are a unique product that adds warmth and texture to any room. They typically cost more than blinds, roller shades, and cellular shades. They tend to be a bit more fragile than blinds or roller shades, but with the lifetime warranty that is included with our products, we guarantee that they will function perfectly for the lifetime of the product.

We are located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, but we service all of South Central Kentucky and Middle Tennessee. We would be glad to show you our entire line of Natural Woven Shades, or any other product. Book an appointment today, or peruse our website for other ideas!

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