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7 Renovations That Will Completely Rejuvenate a Living Room

Renovating a living room is a major project, especially when trying to achieve the perfect home. If you want your living room to stand out from all the others, then read this article for some great ideas on how you can do that in a budget-friendly manner:

1) Paint the walls.

The paint you choose will help set the mood for your living room, and it can even influence how you decorate your space. For example, if you want a more bare and introverted feel, try painting your walls with white and light grey colors – they're very soothing and give off a quiet vibe. Alternatively, darker shades of brown and grey will give a more warm and traditional feel.

2) Upgrade the window treatments.

Replacing your curtains or blinds will immediately give a whole new look to the space. For a direct and dramatic effect, choose vibrant red, orange or yellow window treatments – they're bound to catch everybody's attention! Alternatively, you can use neutral colors such as beige or tan for an added sense of calmness. You can even choose a sleek and contemporary look by going with well-fitted roller shades.

3) Use slipcovers.

Another way to change the mood of your living room is by using different kinds of slipcovers for your furniture. If you're looking for a very modern refurbishment, then go as far as painting or staining your old furniture – it's a great way to add some 'pop' into your living room without drastically spending too much.

4) Add bookcases or library units.

People are starting to become more accustomed to the idea of personal libraries, and it's truly an amazing feeling when you can walk into your living room and proudly showcase your collection of books! And another great thing about bookcases is that they can be used as a room divider for separating your living room from the dining area or kitchen.

5) Add some greenery.

If you want to achieve a more earthy feel, adding plants and flowers will help out with that! It's no secret that nature has a very soothing effect and can help clear your mind from increased stress levels. So if you want to achieve a more peaceful mood, then try getting some potted plants and flowers – they'll work wonders for sure!

6) Lighten up the atmosphere.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of living room design, as it truly sets the tone for your space. Try using floor lamps or pendant lights if you want to create a warmer atmosphere in your living room. To enjoy some added privacy, opt for table lamps with shades that can block out the view of people outside your window.

7) Upgrade the furniture.

Let's face it; the furniture you have in your living room will make or break the whole design. Replacing old and broken pieces will do lots of good for your space, especially if you're aiming for a more contemporary look. Make sure that all the furniture items are properly proportioned to one another.

Bottom line on living room renovations

Renovating your living room is a major project, but it can be done as long as you know what design direction you're going with. Try using these tips for a budget-friendly and effective renovation – your family and friends will certainly start giving a lot of wonderful compliments about the changes.

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