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Motorized Roller Shades In Bowling Green, KY


Install Bowling Green Motorized Roller Shades On Your Windows

Motorized roller shades can be controlled with a wireless remote control or a smart-home hub. With the help of a wireless remote control, you can operate motorized shades while you're out of the room. If you'd rather control your shades remotely, a wireless remote control will allow you to program several parameters, including the limit of each shade. You can also program up to four intermediate positions. A wireless wall switch with a magnetic base is also available.


Motorized roller shades can save energy and money in several ways. They prevent heat from entering your home and allow natural illumination, thus reducing the amount of energy you use to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. In addition, they can be programmed to close and open depending on the amount of light or temperature in a room. They can even be controlled by light sensors and can be set on a schedule, which will help you save money on energy bills.


Match Your Home Decor With Motorized Roller Shades In Bowling Green, KY

Motorized shades also prevent damage to furniture and carpet by absorbing heat and reducing UV rays. They also help preserve delicate decor and furnishings by preventing fading. Blackout material also helps to keep the temperature of a room where you want it to be. Motorized shades can also be operated at various speeds, making them convenient to control in different situations.

Motorized shades are also safe for children and pets because there are no dangling cords. Children and pets can become tangled up in cords, which can be dangerous to them. In addition, motorized shades do not have any protruding parts that can pose a choking hazard.

In addition to saving energy, motorized window shades can also save you money on heating and air conditioning costs. Their technology is designed to mimic the natural cycle of sunlight and darkness, making them an excellent choice for your home. Contact Guyer Shutter Company to consult your new motorized roller shades today!

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