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Custom Roman Shades In Elizabethtown, KY


Redecorate With Custom Roman Shades In Elizabethtown, KY

When you're looking to enhance the look of a room, custom roman shades can be an excellent choice. The right combination of hard masculine features and soft cloth shades can create an elegant and dynamic look. There are several reasons why custom roman shades are a great choice. The best way to make your shades look their best is by taking the time to create a style that will match your room.

If you're in the market for new custom roman shades, consider choosing one with a cordless lift. Instead of a cord, this lift eliminates the cord and allows you to raise and lower the shade using your fingertip. You can also choose a continuous cord loop control, which secures the shade to the window frame and wall, and works well for larger/heavier shades. Or, for the ultimate in convenience, you can invest in a motorized lift.


Discuss Your New Custom Roman Shades With A Profssional

Cordless lifts are a great choice for custom Roman shades, because they offer greater customization. They also make them safer for young children and pets. In addition to a cordless lift, you can also select the mounting style, which can be either inside or outside. Inside mount Roman shades can be hung inside the window frame; outside mounts are best for rooms with narrow window frames. Choose whichever method you think works best for your window, as both styles will create a more pleasing look.

When planning to install custom Roman shades in your home, the face fabric you choose is perhaps the most important choice. This will determine the color, pattern, and operation of your shades. It will also determine how pliable they are and how easily they stack. It’s best to consult a professional window treatment expert about your new Roman shades. Contact Guyer Shutter Company for a free consultation today!

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