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Alvaton Custom Natural Woven Shades

Install Alvaton Custom Natural Woven Shades On Your Windows

If you're in the market for new window treatments, you may want to consider using custom natural shades. Custom natural shades are eco-friendly window treatments, made from renewable, sustainably harvested, and hand-selected materials. These natural shades also come in a variety of unique styles, colors, and textures. Many of the popular shades are woven wood or bamboo.


Bamboo and woven wood shades are made from renewable materials and form a stylish, accordion-style pleat when raised. Woven wood shades have a natural elegance that pairs with any decor. Woven wood shades are a wonderful choice for any room. These shades are crafted by skilled weavers and combine the elegance of contemporary design with the worldliness of nature. Because they are made from all-natural fibers, color, grain, texture, and warpage may vary from shade to shade.

Get New Custom Natural Shades Today

When choosing window treatments, one of the most appealing options is natural shades. They can be tailored to fit any size window. And they offer a rich palette of colors and textures. These window treatments are great for homes as they help control light pollution and keep rooms more comfortable and insulated.

Whether you'd like to control the light or privacy of your home, natural shades are an excellent choice. The sheer fabric and button mechanisms of these shades make them easy to adjust. Plus, you can customize them with a number of decorative touches and options. With a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials to choose from, you're sure to find one that suits your needs. You can customize your natural shades at Guyer Shutter Company. Redecorate your home and choose the color that suits your interior decor. Get started with a free consultation with our window treatment experts. Book today!

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