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Custom Made Blinds In Mount Juliet, TN

Portland Custom Cellular Shades

Get Custom Made Blinds In Mount Juliet, TN For Your Windows

Modern wooden blinds are a great way to add style and function to your home. Choose from an array of stain colors and designs to give your windows a truly unique look. These blinds are not only beautiful but also long-lasting, requiring little maintenance other than a regular dusting. If you are concerned about the look of your blinds, you can opt for the light-blocking option to eliminate the need for visible cord holes.

When choosing your custom wooden blinds, take the size of your windows into account. For small windows, choose supports that are one inch in diameter. If you need larger supports, increase them by two inches. Similarly, you may prefer blinds that operate upwards and downwards. If you are unsure about the size of your windows, consult with a professional designer before ordering. Custom blinds may cost a little more than other window treatments, but they will be worth it.


Design Your New Custom Made Blinds, We'll Install Them For FREE

You may be wondering whether custom blinds are durable, but the answer is actually a resounding yes! These coverings have a long life expectancy and require very little maintenance, but this doesn't mean that you should spend a lot of money on them. In fact, the quality of materials used in their manufacture contributes to their longevity. Children and pets can get into trouble when using corded window treatments. Dangling cords are a potential strangling hazard for pets. Even tying up the cords is not enough to protect your children or pets from harm. Instead, install cordless blinds in your home to make it safer for your kids and pets. Adding safety features to your home will reduce your risk of child injury and damage to your furniture.


If you're looking for a window treatment that will match your existing decor and make your bedroom cozy, custom blinds can be the perfect solution. For example, a wooden blind is ideal for a bedroom because of its warmth and comfort. You can choose from several different wood stain tones. Get started with a free consultation with our window treatment experts at Guyer Shutter Company.

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