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Custom Layered Shades In Mount Juliet, TN


Get New Mount Juliet Custom Layered Shades For Your Home

If you are looking for window treatment options that are both stylish and functional, custom layered shades are an excellent option. Layered shades provide an airy and modern appearance to rooms. Whether you want to use them for privacy or to add a splash of color to your room, you are sure to find the perfect option for your home.

Laid-down custom shades are a modern twist on light-controlling window treatments. A continuous layer of fabric alternates between sheer and opaque bands, allowing light to filter through the sheer parts and blocking light from reaching the opaque side. Depending on the design, these shades can come in more luxurious textures, patterns, and prints. In addition to a custom design, these shades can even be personalized with a photograph of your window or sample room scenes.


Get Your Custom Layered Shades In The Color Of Your Choice

Cordless options allow you to choose the exact height of the blinds you need and don't have to worry about the cord dangling. The shades are available in a variety of colors to match your decor. Known for their modern style, layered shades feature alternating bands of opaque and sheer fabric. Open layered shades filter light through the sheer material, while closed layered shades block out light. Custom layered shades can be made with exclusive prints, patterns, and textures.


Custom layered shades are great for any room in the home. The color options are virtually limitless, and our experts at Guyer Shutter Company are happy to help you select the perfect shade for your room. Neutral or earthy tones create a cozy atmosphere, while bright colors liven up drab rooms. The most important thing is that the shade complements the decor of the room around it. You'll want to select one that will match or contrast with the colors of the walls, furniture, and curtains. Get started with a free consultation.

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